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Angie De Grazia Shaw

Angie  De Grazia Shaw
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    Angie is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Her father was a successful city planner and environmental land developer. Angie watched and learned as he grew his business all the way to Arizona and she has been interested in real estate ever since. Angie obtained a Communications/Theater degree from the University of Arizona. She had the yearning to pursue acting in Los Angeles but soon after arriving in LA she started working as a makeup artist where she started her own business for 20 years at the same time earning many successes as an actor on various TV shows and commercials.

    Her communication degree became very apparent when she purchased her first home in Sherman oaks which sparked her knack for pursuing Real Estate. Angie prides herself on being a Type A personality. She is loyal, patient, hard working and will immediately make you feel comfortable. She has fallen in love with real estate and is excited about helping you find your dream home in your perfect location! Angie is currently working alongside Michael Bergin, one of the top producing agents in Los Angeles.

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